Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue cattle dogs, re-train and make sure they are healthy before preparing them for a loving and caring home.

A helping hand from you

As a non-profit organization, we are always in need for a helping hand.  Volunteers helping with special events, sausage sizzles and sale markets are always required.  The more effort we all put in, the more cattle dogs we can save.


To make our mission sustainable, we require your help supporting through sponsoring a dog, adopting cattle dogs, or any small donations will help this good cause.

Do cattle dogs generally get along with cats?

Like any dogs, some do get a long and some don’t tolerate cat’s well.  Your cattle dog needs to be crate trained, this will show your dog where his place use.  Your dog should be supervised or confined to a space when you are not around.

How can I get behavioral help for a new puppy?

It is always recommended from a behaviorist or trainer is recommend.  This is different to puppy school as it will require a few one on one lessons with the trainer.

What Insurance should I get for my cattle dog?

There are many pet insurance policies out there so it is important to compare pet insurance polices for your cattle dog.  We recommend having a look here: Compare Pet Insurance policies.  You should also check Woolworths Pet Insurance Review, a few owners have recommended to us.

Is it possible to rehome my cattle dog?

Yes, it’s possible but we would want you to consider it carefully.